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So, everyone, this is Alex , also known as Smidgie. He gives me chills, rapping and singing about touchy subjects about mental illness, his own transgender identity, and most importantly rape, as he does in this song. He writes his own music and I just think he’s so talented and I wanted to share the message. This is ” She Cries ” and if you guys would check out his other music, his channel is here. Thank you! 

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How Would You Do It?

How Would You Do It?

You know I’m really getting tired of the same thing being thrown in my face. That fact that I don’t know my kids and the fact they don’t talk to me since I’m never around. I’m getting tired of hearing all that I don’t do right with my kids and how much people feel sorry for my kids not being able to see their mom very often. Better yet, I do believe it was stated, “at least my son will know me…

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"Secrets of the Velvet Closet is a tale of surviving abuse, alcoholism, and, of course, the closet. It rivals Running With Scissors in the sheer amount of insanity one childhood can contain, and like Augusten Burrough’s celebrated work, it reminds readers that LGBT people can emerge from the darkest of circumstances with bright, sane, successful futures. An account of perseverance and resilience despite extreme adversity, Secrets of the Velvet Closet will intrigue LGBTs and straight allies alike."
- Tom S. Johnson, author of Madonna and Child and Other Divas and co-author of Peace Sign: Nexus

So many colors

There are so many colors of depression just as there are so many colors of the rainbow and yet in one’s lifetime both seem to interact so much. Solemn loneliness comes from an inner urge to be truly undoubtedly loved by somebody who understands everything that is going on no matter how deep or hurtful or downright dirty it is.

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